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About Capital Branch

The aims of the branch are to stimulate advances in aviation safety and technology by providing a forum to improve still further the technical, political and social interchange between the US and UK aerospace communities.

Current Board is:- 


Sir Stuart Matthews - President

William Voss - Chairman

Quentin Whiteree - Vice Chairman/Secretary

Ken Gazzola – Past Chairman

Sam White - Treasurer

Shelly Simi - Membership

Lee Harman - Events

Ken Quinn -  Counsel

John Stack - Programs

David Fuscus - Communications

Air Cmdre James Linter, OBE

Stella Weidner

Susan Walsh

David Hills

Gene Fraser

Michael Otterblad

Noel Hopkins

Melinda Benson Viteri
Derrick Surratt
Greg Caires
Bill Strandberg

Alan Hickling (Ex-Officio)

Bob Francis – (Ex-Officio)

Reg Smith (Ex-Officio)