Welcome to the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS), Washington Branch website.

The aims of the branch are to stimulate advances in aviation safety and technology by providing a forum to improve still further the technical, political and social interchange between the US and UK aerospace communities.

The headquarters of the Royal Aeronautical Society are located at Hamilton Place, London, UK. For further information go to website https://www.aerosociety.com/


Dates for 2019:

Friday, Feb 8 Lecture: Exploring Pilot Training & Proficiency for the Future
Thurs, April 4: Lockheed Martin Fighter Demonstration Center Tour and Reception | AGM
Thurs, April 12: Field Trip: Goddard Spaceflight Center
Mon, May 13 Garden Party Garden Party - Deputy Ambassador's House
Thurs, June 13 Lecture: Hypersonics: Is the Future Finally Here?
Thurs, Oct 3 Lecture Is Autonomous Air Taxi Hype for Real?
Tues, Oct 22 Field Trip National Airport
Thurs, Nov 7 Lecture Commercial Space

To provide a forum to stimulate advances in aeronautical technology and safety between the US, UK and global aeronautical communities.


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